Laser Hair Removal
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Laser Hair Removal

No More Shaving, Plucking or Waxing.

Our technologically advanced CynoSure Elite IQ laser can be used to remove unwanted facial and body hair. The laser is pulsed for a millisecond emitting a beam of light on to the skin. The light energy from the laser passes harmlessly through the skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and hair shaft. The hair follicles are then disabled, impairing their ability to grow.


Laser treatment is effective when hair growth is new; therefore, several treatments may be necessary in order to effectively treat the area. Since the laser does no damage to the skin, a bandage is unnecessary. Typically the skin is slightly red for a day or two. Sunscreen and sun avoidance of treated area are necessary for up to one week after the treatment.

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